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1. Axis Will Turn

You've tried, you've tried; We tried to find the answer; You've looked for years; I still don't understand; He said she said; The beat goes on forever; He may be right; So try to understand; The world...

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2. City Bound (E Train)

It's gettin' late, gotta run, on our way; It's another day, subway; Hit the street, feel the heat; All you see is the people there, everywhere; Some they walk, some they run; Here they come, it's soci...

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3. Don't do That

This insecurity is sure enough killing me; Can't you see that I'm down; Don't do that; Don't do that; What can the matter be, is it you or me? Or just a thing goin' round; Don't do that; Don't do that...

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4. Hard To Say Goodbye

Things have cooled down a little; But my ears are still ringing; You know I can't believe what you said; All the times we've had together; They're passing before my eyes; It's a sad, sad ending to a g...

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5. Light Of The World

Feeling the wind, dancin' all around; Just like the breeze, soul is flying free; Strong is the sail that weather's storm; In search of a way to make it to shore; The sea is so dark and cold on my soul...

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6. Sorry (For The Delay)

Sorry for the delay; I'm so sorry for the delay; I don't know the latest dance; I don't care about those pants; Victim of the circumstance; And I'm sorry for the delay; I'm too late, it's 10 till 6; I...

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7. Tattoo

I know that if I let it go; Then someone else is sure to know; How you're filling me; And the way that I'm growin' inside; When things just didn't go the way that I planned; It was you who made me und...

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8. Up Periscope

Far beneath in ocean world; A ship without no sails; Free in open sea; Aqua-blue marine; We while away our time; It's peace we hope to find; We're top security; In our submarine; The captain he's Ok; ...

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