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1. Column 231

Here the column’s fine; The fire is burnt out; The man hung in the painting; I forget about life now; In this night will come fear; Exhaustion taking control; Watching the column be closed in; For a m...

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2. Constant Despair

I will manage survival; While evading the fate of rotting flesh; The lesser of two evils; Choosing the future of endless dread; And now that there is nothing left; And living is shrouded in constant d...

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3. Four Masks

Four Masks; One cannot Smell; One cannot Hear; One cannot See; One cannot Speak; When all four masks are put into place; It will awaken evil

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4. Glass Eye Part 1

…dead…; Entranced:; Spill; Stench of flesh; Run down the streets; No one left but me; Sanctum is rare; Away from the open; Not long until…; They keep coming; They keep clawing; But I run; Stricken:; W...

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