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1. Black and Yellow

I’m so high…; I might kick you in the head on accident man. You know the…; The microphone smell like weed right? That’s ok though! SWAG CITY!!!! Novi Nove! Im here now bitch! Who you fuckin with? Cuz ...

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2. Chicago

Fortunate as it may seem I'm is; I ain't never even had no shit; Lotta people wanna talk, actin like I came up rich; But let me tell you where I was before I rapped like this; I was a, poor kid, growe...

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3. Don't Comparin' Me

Yea, fuck your mom bitches oh.. that's why. Da da duh da da dada they ain't fuckin with me. ; I got the notion that uh.. They mouths is open and uh.. All thats just talkin when uh.. They ain't compari...

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4. Everybody Know Me

Soon as I rolllll up, bumpin that so what; No top, cut off absorbin that solar; Hot off the presses with a brand new feature; Name on the board, same work new teacha; Wooooo they wanna move in on the ...

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5. Friends and Enemies

Alexis dior; As my list of regrets gets longer; My heart grows stronger; Novi novak; This is for my friends who eventually were enemies; Alexis dior; Oh, be-cause of what you did to me; Off the top! h...

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6. Head Band Remix

'sick and bold' my 'precision cold'; Watch my feet, im goin in like im 'pigeon toed'; For the win, never for the loss; Lots of 1 liners, taco bell sauce; And we off! Okay my bars go for fire like a fr...

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7. Hooked On The Feel

I watch for the devil, that's literally damn true; Until he gotchu ain't no tellin' what he can do; n I'm a turkey but bitch I go Ham too; That's why the flow raw like McMahon n the damn crew; Ay time...

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8. I Said Go

Hows it feel tuh be famous? shit... i dont know; like 1000's of texts sayin you gonna blow? How it change, from me bein' broke; Tuh me havin hope, comin off that slope; From DOIN SOME TIME, HAVIN NO G...

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9. If I

Another red eye at the airport; Stay so high I'm a frequent flyer; I'll be shuttin off my phone so I can't call; Unless you look up at the sky and see a streak of fire; At least you saw me in the star...

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10. One Size Fits All

One size fits all that dont apply to shoes; So it surely don't apply to how im bout to move; I came a---rouunnnnd from nothin; The sound of somethin; Thats why my buzz bangin like a round is bustin; N...

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11. Reason Number 1

Reason number 1 that im here (here); And reason number 2 that im here (here); Is the same damn reason im-go-glowwww!!!! Heres that reason case you aint knowwwww ima; Get that money g get that money; I...

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12. Sleepin' On Me

I feel like time was wasted; All the time I spent being patient; Now I hate it; And they hatin' on me; [Hook]; Ohh why they Sleepin' on me; On me, on me, on me; Cause even when I know that I made it; ...

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13. Talk To'm

I been here for a minute, Look at how I get it; Went and got a Swag threw a couple grand in it; (Couple Thousand Fans or Dollars); THEY! Stupid Like Timmy (They being wack rappers); THEY! Fit the whol...

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14. Thrift Shop

Trip lines and some groovy raps; got me bout to set it off like some booby traps; I smoke a blunt... try to do some math..... Hahaha .... wiz khalifa laugh; shark killin, I smack jaws n laugh yall; ge...

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15. Uoeno

Id die before I ever quit and shit you aint even know it; If you aint gonna put your heart in it; You shouldnt even flow it; I barely eat till I get weak I just grind; And you aint even know it; I cou...

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