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1. Broken Like Pieces

It's like I'm missing you; And there's no one around; I don't know how to get tô you; And the rain starts tô fall down on me; You promised me you'd be there; I told you that I could be strong; Listen ...

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2. Dear Universe

We just don't know where we should go; For many days we felt so alone; It's stuck in our heads for so long; We can't stop thinking; There's no need for you to feel down; Nothing changes until we let g...

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3. So Many Places

I guess this the way, I try to explain; The things you do to me that make me happy every day; I promise that I will try to make you feel every word I say; My heart is set on you and I know you feel th...

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4. We Are Never Really Sure

If I could use a thousand words to tell you; How I love you so, I'd spend a thousand years; Just pretending that I don't feel the fear that keeps; Pulling me back and putting me down; I'd probably be ...

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5. Your Games

You need attention, someone that looks after you all the time; But I've got to mention, you look so lonely, every time; You say you have someone, but it looks like you're alone; You say you love him s...

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