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1. Alter Ego

In memory of times I hate, Love is not my only fate! You was born when my life saw the end; Now append the signature of this deathly-document; My instrument is still the same, being blind; (Being blin...

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2. Angst Im Wald

Darkness shows, sunlight has born, Verdure the day, pitch-dark at night, Noises – crunching trees; Frightened – misty sense; Birds whispering in my ears; Cannot hide my fear; Tears running down my fac...

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3. Before Midnight

No - From time to time I fall in Love; No - But my love is all above; No - I'm looking in a deep abyss; No - I try to find my very own - bliss; Oh - I found a girl I think she's nice; Oh - Searching a...

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4. Brutal Truth

Affection's an Illusion; Hate is real; At night; Darkness awoke; Eyes opened; Demon Alive; They didn't listen to him, but they tried to give him hope; They called him important, they couldn't dissappo...

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5. Coral Island

Dreaming in the ocean; Drowning in Emotion; Coldness, deep blue arrives; Water, source of life; Wide fields, red flowers; Brightness, on coral island. Rapids, whitecaps, Darkness, beyond a trench; Fee...

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6. Dragon Spirit

Ad pain, in hwiniol noeth cuinar; Ad pain, in amlug cuinar; Cold heart survive! It's your spirit, keeps you alive; I'm your soul, so keep on living; Our fate is to outlive; Fly dragon, fly, Threw the ...

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7. Dropped To Death

You exert pressure on me (and wear me down); Don't think your troubles are singular; I got too much of them (and I know); You are only one; You are not interested in my problems (only in yours); Said ...

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8. Journey

Is this a butterfly outside? - No, it isn't one; Is this a cascade out of there? - No, it is my tear; Is this a cross flagging this place? - No, (now) it's yours; Is this a tear, there on you face? - ...

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9. Life Between Tiles

I gave the love I had inside; To all who didn't live in light; I helped although there was zero tolerance; And never offered to those in need absence; They needed help, I gave them mine; Among the ign...

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10. Question Of Eternity

Watching the Mirror, what is scaring me? Outside the lightning, showing what I feel; A turned head, is all what I see. creeping out of me; Question of eternity, here to fade away; Pacing along their h...

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11. Warcult

In the wet fog; Slowly creeping in the mud; Smelling cold sweat; Shivering, cold hands; ; Shot, lead content in the air, turning round, a friend is dead; Rage, desire for revenge, loading our weapons;...

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