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1. Carved In Sand

Carved In Sand; ; Remembering the most important thing; you never know what the coming days will bring; I never thought I'd feel this way for anyone; the day you walk away from me I'll come undone; Yo...

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2. Decadence

Decadence; ; Taking in the view; filling up your empty eyes; Watching all the dreams; quickly realize; Reaching down within; nothing left at all to say; Watching all the dreams crumbling away; To feel...

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3. Deorganized Dreams

Deorganized Dreams; ; In searching for an answer the questions slowly die; The time goes by regardless with expectations high; Remnants of lost feelings will surface in the rain; To neutralize the pre...

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4. Detachment

Detachment; ; Try to capture the point at which it all goes down; Feeling empty results from letting feelings drown; Try to hold back the tears of dread that flood the earth; Mother hatred is gaining ...

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5. Infernal Desire

Infernal Desire; ; Give me your flesh; that I might feel; Without the pain; nothing is real; Give me your eyes; that I might see; There's nothing left; inside of me; The innocence is lost; Lost in you...

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6. Mindshadow

Mindshadow; ; It's getting dark inside my mind; the length of shadows tell; a portrait of a safer time; within a frame of hell; Of all the objects in the shape; the colors stay the same; Emotions had ...

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7. Poisoned Species

Poisoned Species; ; Upon the walls of comfort; deception's paint is spread; Within the womb of feelings; a poisoned spieces bred; Intruders from the inside; the takers of control; They structure thoug...

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8. Romad

Romad; ; You; You try to retain; Your sense of modern glory; You; You wanted to be; A little more than boring; They; They showed you the way; You had to think to see it; They; They understand you; And...

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9. Stability

A cross is perched upon the house; statues animate; Lovers look so blue tonight; the flies are coming late; The windows in the hall downstairs; the flowers in the vase; A man stares at the mirror now;...

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10. Voices

Voices; ; Colouring the color of your love; touches me like divine angels from above; Walking on past windows of the purest hate; I see you so beautifully sealed up in fate; Why do I always do this to...

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