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1. Antares

There's more to life than what could ever meet the eyes; So don't take a step back; The crowd's wild, and I'm ready to feed them; They need this, a big mess; I'll keep spitting in this mic 'til the fe...

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2. Black Lights

To lead my steps; No matter the winds; ; I tried to live through these souvenirs; Wiped all of these tears; I tried to be what they wanted; But all I needed was to find my place

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3. Delusion

I always wonder if there's something above our heads? Drowning my eyes in the depths overlooking us; But I can't wipe off the doubt it's bringing in; Who needs a reason to escape from the gallows? Cau...

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4. Earth Grazer

Life ain't a gift; You've grown up in the shit like most of us, mate; You feel like dreaming awake; You're staying distant from the man that you really are; It's hard to swallow the pill, right? I kno...

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5. Echoes

I'm always striving to see clearly; Through all my troubles; I need a break; This can't go on and on; I'm near from the breaking point; Get me out of my routine; My life is a mess; And if it's a littl...

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6. Gravity

You're just a goddamn liar, playing a fucking a role; Bragging that perfect life you've never had; The tables turn, kid; I just can't wait to see it; I wanna know what you are made of; Ohh; You just d...

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7. Hearfelt

Those heartfelt feelings that I got; Are getting a hold of me; I gotta let them be; And this is why I need to tell you the things that I feel; How much it means to me; How much it counts to me; You we...

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8. Immedicable

We've got nothing to say; we're just so pissed off, rotting and ephemeral; Litteraly dying on the pavement; But is this what we deserve? Oh the blood in our veins was made for this; We're living 'till...

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9. Inanimate

I might be reborn or it might burn my skin; I just don't care, at least I'll finally feel something; Tickle every needles stuck in this voodoo doll; Stab it, stab it, stab it; Listen the sound that co...

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10. Muchos Touche

You wanna play the man, kid? Aren't you afraid to play with the fire? So let's play this game; Gimme your best shot or you will get shot; We've been like bros you and I; Oh, I know, I've been too nice...

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11. Ouroboros

It's getting harder to breathe; Harder to feel free; It's getting tougher to write; Tougher to feel things; It's getting harder to live; Harder to pay bills; Hard to feel alive; It's getting harder to...

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12. Souvenirs

Let's go; I know I can't define this life; I know you can't see through these answers; I'm seeking for are way too deep to be found; My life's reflected through the wet film of my eyes (my eyes); I've...

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13. The Lichtenberg Figure

I'm not the greatest writer; Oh, I'm not the greatest, no; I'm not perfect, not even novelist; This time you better listen up; Oh, life have barely changed; Twenty-two, still pissed; Plenty of shits i...

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14. Twenty Years

We all live different hells; Some might live with but some just can't; So why should I live a different way? Yes, a different way; Already twenty years have passed; and I still can't live at ease; Oh,...

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15. Voyager

I left behind me the comfort of a normal life; Traded it all for my sake; I never questioned my choice, or even felt that I should; It's always crystal-clear; I spent more time in this room to write a...

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