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1. Cantate Domino

Cantate domino, aleluja; Sanctum domini; Magnificat anima mea; Ubi caritas et amor, Ubi caritas; Deus ibi est; Jubilate deo, aleluja; Every sunday; We go for grace; We would like to be candid; For to ...

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2. Drinky Dreaming Of Fallen Woman

Claire is my name for every lovers I have; The cat who gives romance every night and day; I am the princess of your flame. ; Don´ t be shy; I´ m your misstress tonight; Let me come into your mind. ; I...

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3. For Liars

Do you enjoy life to the full? When you are still alone; Do you think, that the world is cruel? When you are still alone. ; Do you mind being outlaw? Can you lie to your thoughts? If you answer yes; S...

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4. Girl For Harem

Lights and glance; Who finds a romance? The night club moon light; Is open for lone stars; Who wants to be famous, Must do everything for boss. I am for men on the horse; I am their gold mare and glos...

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5. Interview With An Angel

You, guardian angel; View of my fortune; Please, tell me where I am; I feel l live in losing game. ; Incline one´s ear my shrift; And show me the right lift; I want to get; Out fast from this depth; D...

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6. Tears

I came out to follow you every day; And you didn´ t see me anyway; I would like to tell you; You ´re my beloved friend, But you cannot hear me anyway. ; We did not have much time for our whole life, Y...

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