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1. Cry

Cry, it's easy if you try; Cry; It's so magic, like a dream; Light, there's something I need to see; Every morning, it is shining; Cry cry cry and fly; If you fly fly fly and cry; Now you try try cry ...

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2. Movin' On

Every day you're watchin' me; It means it has to be all right; Come and let your love be mine; That's how it's meant to be today; I want a love to keep me goin on, babe; I've got a love that keeps me ...

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3. My Heart

You know my heart is broken; I hurt inside; Just try to understand I?ve given all my life to you; Now I can see through the light; Oh I can feel you; I can?t believe you now ohh; When I feel you body ...

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4. Smile

A woman; Staring at the sea; Filled with the? A vision; Floating in her mind; Dreaming we wonder; What the future's gonna bring to their lives; In time; In time; Don't you worry now baby; Everything's...

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5. Stop The Time

When the music plays; Time can't stand in in place; But time... Can change your life. When you see your face; When you see your eyes; Let time; Set your life. ; You hold the key; Your heart will be op...

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6. Take Your Time

Take your time; Cuz? you just might go to far; I ask nothing more than that; Take your time; Ask me, just why; Don?t blame it on the bottom line; Dreams fall apart; They can?t always be; Dreams qualif...

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