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1. Break

Why would you avoide me? i have all the things you want. youre supposed to be a part of me; but were apart. I really hate it, you wont face this, youll throw it all away. You leave it all behind, you ...

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2. Leave It

I guess it affects me my inner thoughts theres so much lost inside myself im almost gone. i feel so sensitive to everything & everyone. Ill push it off ill drown it out till i no longer hear a sound. ...

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3. Tell Me

Take a look in my eyes tell me what do you see do you see me or not? Your stare is so strong its revealing me, you turn me inside out. People change emotions take over some how. its not the same anymo...

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4. The Blue Channel

I came home, i sat down and i turned on the tv. i was scared wasnt sure and i just couldnt see. am i here is this me? Maybe i would be fine if we just heard without thought. sometimes i wish i was bli...

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