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1. Bad Religion

Crusades; Christians; Wrought with good intentions; Righteousness in every street; Brave knights; And dead pigs; It's just a matter of viewing; I'm praying for the dying; Driven by this madness; Too b...

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2. Eternal Life

(it) started out so wonderful; I heard those sounds so beautiful; Heaven down here below; I never felt this way before; So free of mind; The last time was too long ago; So much to find; An angel tryin...

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3. Flower

Shine - a light so clear it fills the night; Glow - fill your friends with joy and pride; Breathe - and blow away their sorrows; Cry - and let them help to ease your soul; And let them help to ease yo...

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4. Hope and Fear

Young men searching for the truth; Are not afraid to try; Are not afraid to die; (They) ask themselves is this for love; If so, will it be enough? Will it be enough? Your mind is tricked to make a lea...

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5. Nothing Worth Fighting For

Anarchy that rules the; Streets today and frightens them; I don't care no more; Yes, I've had my day; Let them steal the moment; As nature's weeping for their crimes; No hope for redemption; It's a si...

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6. Path Of Daggers

Sun and steel; Faith and the Wheel; I won't kneel for; Empires falling; Prophesies calling; The power tainted; Strength for pain; Spinning weaves of spirit and water; Drawing the power I fill the void...

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7. Promises

For years, no reasons to fear, No one failed these times; A golden era; Why? If only few die; If only few cry; For the bad times have gone? Lies, festering lies; Still disguised; Hidden beneath the su...

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8. Sharply Condemned

Can you make it through another day? Can you believe the load of shit I heard today? I still wonder how we keep on going this way; What can you say? Another burning city occupied; The mighty soldier l...

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9. So Help Me God

We're seeking the truth; (In) the world around us; Emotionally burdened; It's science that leads us; Oh man, it's so hard; So hard to see thus; Too bad it's something; Something that I must; I warned ...

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10. The Rider

Ride on the wind like a flake of snow with a; Freedom that gives me no right or wrong; Never will reach the horizon before me; The voyage itself the ultimate goal; Look at the clouds in the sky; The r...

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