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1. Anything For U

You don't wanna rush, telling me to hush; We can do these midnight calls, but I want; Dinner with your mom, coffee in the park; But you keep it cool when we're apart; I know, I know, I know; Not gonna...

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2. Girls Like Us

Cherry on my lips; Who am I gonna kiss tonight? Got no one to miss (Ooh); But I got this appetite; Time to let the tigers out; Feeling so good to be bad; Out here in the wild now; Oh no, we don't want...

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3. Mi Amor

I saw you light up like a flame; When I walked in, took your breathe away; Feels good to know that you still got feelings; You still feel it, mm; Like you can't give me up; Can't believe this glow up;...

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4. Patterns

When did we get so naive? Living in repeat everyday, all the same; Losing our beliefs, hmm; We used to have it all, we barely talk, no more; Yeah, I don't recognize what we are; And the silence, it st...

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5. Plastic

Yeah I know, yeah I know your reputation; And I know, and I know it's in your nature; You just really like, you really like your features; And it's turning me off, turning me off; Oh, he's giving me a...

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6. Supernova

You are nothing, you are no one, that's what they say; You don't belong here; can't hang here, just go away; You start to believe that maybe you should disappear; Into the longest night you've ever kn...

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7. Talkin' Talkin'

You look pretty lonely from a distance; Can I take you home without resistance, aye? We'd look good together in a picture; Get in my phone, get in my home, boy; 'Cause I have got a secret I won't tell...

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8. Turn Up the Fire

I'm who I want; Living on emotion, ooh; I'm always on top when I get a notion; I know what I wanted; Boy, you looking real good, ooh; Get a little closer; I'm about to hook you up (oh, yeah, oh, yeah)...

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