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1. Chasing Shadows

Some of you may know me, many of you won't; I am just a player in the band; Some of you will listen, some of you will hear; Some of you may laugh at me and some of you will cheer; 'Cause all of us, we...

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2. I'll Cry Too

Candlelight contains the night; Heaven lends an ear; and I lift you to the throne; Sending empathy on a summer breeze; To brush the window sill; Where you sit alone; Ooh, the silence whispers your nam...

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3. Listen

Circles on the water, a lonely tear has fallen; Missing You, I'm missing You; Somehow I can't remember ever forgetting how; I needed You, Lord, I needed You; I serenade the heavens, crying out for mer...

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4. Maybe Tomorrow

Yeah, ohhh; The heavens paint a silent symphony; As Orion shines for me; And are you there, feelin' the same as I? Whisperin' love songs to the lonely sky; And though I don't know where you are; I kno...

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5. Never See The Day

I remember just like yesterday; When I could always see a smile on your face; And now we're standing underneath a different sky; You wish upon your star and I'll wish on mine; Somehow inside I feel th...

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6. Simply Beautiful

Cling to your feeble understanding; Searching the confines of your mind; You find no reason for believing; While you're sinking in the oceans of your prime; So you stand on a mountain and close your e...

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7. Through Heaven's Fields

Footsteps, Heartbeat - can't cry, can't sleep; Colors fading - winter sky; Miles before you, miles behind; Darkness laughing, close your eyes; I'll be waiting with arms open wide; The perfect picture ...

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8. Wonder

Do you remember when the sun rested on the hill waiting there for you to; see? Do you remember when the moon was full dancing on the water for you? Do you remember when it seemed we were closer; Seeme...

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9. You Breathe

A quiet place far away in the center of my heart; Sheltered by the solitude like my daddy's arms; Seeking and knowing I will find; Resting these weary eyes; Leaving my deepest fears behind; Under the ...

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