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1. 666

I wrote two lines; Trying to reply; To the unknown; People who talked; Shit about me and my crew... ; I stood up at night; With the head filled by bad words; Than I realized; That you can't bring me d...

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2. Behind The Scenes (breakin' Up)

When nothing seems to be allright; And the worst things are coming; When everything is upset in your life, Take a breath and suspend your business; And walk along the streets of your heart; And of you...

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3. Cut Off The Movie

And I know; You'll always be my satisfation; Don't go with your own imagination; Take take my hands and run away; Don't say we'll never be the same; (I've never let you alone but now i've found you he...

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4. Dress Up To Get Down

Wake your friends, c'mon! Weekend it's all we've got; Bring the beers and ohhh; To the beach is our road; Check the stereo and so; Moonlight will be our song; 8 PM is gone; Let's dance all night long;...

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5. You Say Yes

Everybody look for a deep connection; So let's spend a little time together now; I'll never lie; But now I'm coming through this black point break; And everything seems against me; And so I fall into ...

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