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1. Crows Of Tragedy St

we both say that we dont know; why we are loosing what we had; the same situation is coming home everyday so late at night; and you are everything I have at all forever; but now we are just; victims o...

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2. Enemy's Meeting Point

Slow steps walked by the new stranger at this holy church; I left behind my own shoes... to prove I didn't walked along "Damned town"; there's nothing left behind; I promise you it's so hard; to see y...

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3. Polaroids

I bought today my brand new camera; to catch the face of you, me and the car; somebody caught me getting out of the train; somebody's crashed, my advice was so clear... No time to stop, the next stati...

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4. The Skyline

Take the risk to switch on your eyes; try to breath this is real life; touch of sheet on this empty room; you won't die; you won't leave any clue; the world is warning up; the sounds are breaking down...

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5. Welcome To Hill Valley

I'm not a religious man... how could I see you in the morning? "come..."; basically i'm not okay at all... wake up you are the leader...tonight; Until the daylight comes again; "Suffocation" is what I...

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