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1. Candice Brown Song

i cant explain the reason for this; but somehow theres pain; holding this inside where it stays; until i find the key to your heart; but you make it so hard; but if hope is around one day i'll find it...

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2. Facing You

Every time I look out to you, there's a face that I cannot recognize. Someone out there, someone different. Another one to make me crazy and think twice. ; Last night that was not me; talking randomly...

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3. Feeling The Same

I knew a way; I'm holding two a day; my most mistakes; I'd like to change it, can we? It's been so long; since I have made a difference; I feel so strong; I'd really like to have my break from reality...

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4. Hopes And Dreams

Everything is right; Troubles are no more; No one's in a fight. I'm taking time to say; "What do you think was wrong?"; I admit that you were right; And I guess that I was wrong. So shut me out; hold ...

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5. If Dreams Were Real

so going down on your knees isn't good enough anymore; please tell me your secret im dying to know what i got to do; all i've been feeling was; everything.. it was looking at you every second of every...

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6. Just Looking, Now Searching

you have gone away and that's alright with me; i know theres much to learn and i know theres much to see; but deep inside your heart where our lost love can be found; theres a guy that waits for you b...

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7. Moving On

I Know Before; It Happens, i'll be more; prepared for whats in store, it's just so far away; I admit.. I ignored that when the time came; I wanted you, but you wanted nothing to do with me; You wanna ...

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8. On My Own

I'm feeling lost inside like; I cannot be alone; The closet that I get I; get from the telephone; Seems like your far away; when your really by my side; Sometimes you push me away; My heart you have d...

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9. Smiles And Cries

we've both been through a lot; don't get me wrong; and i bet you'd never thought you'd be hearing this song; now i want to know if im only dreaming; if i am don't wake me up; 'cause i'd rather be slee...

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10. Someday, Sometime

please someday; please sometime i'm hoping; but hoping's not enough; maybe dreaming or make believing; that she'll come my way; this time i'm movin; through the hard times; through the good times; i'l...

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11. The Missing Pieces

I'll say it again just one more time first listen then, make up your mind; So run, so run, if you think that I'll wait for you; Nothing personal just don't take all day, all day; Since you've been her...

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12. Three Days Ago

3 days ago; I called up your house; but you didn't answer; now I'm scared I've; done so much wrong; that I've lost you forever; keeping in mind; the times of the past; when we were together; I know it...

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