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1. Destruction (feat. Travis Barker)

(Destruction, destruction, I'm tryna forget); (It's been years, I can picture your silhouette); (Disruption, corruption, inside my head); Ay, ay, ay; Why you gotta go set fire to the room like that? (...

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2. Dread

I look into the mirror, all I'm seeing is a skeleton; I keep losing weight, so they got me taking medicine; I can't go a day without relying on these sedatives; Therapy and doctors, I feel like a spec...

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3. Lights (4444)

Paint my world a new grey; Pain comes in different shades; Slowly rot and decay; Yeah; Lights on me like I'm shooting a movie scene; And I be going hard but you still got a hold on me; And nights like...

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4. nightmare

Nightmare, nightmare; I'm livin' in a nightmare; Nightmare, nightmare; I live inside the night time; She said "I didn't feel like it's the right time"; Well, I saw you with a new boy; I'm lookin' for ...

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5. Pretend

I can be a burden, baby, I can be a psycho; They call me a mistake and roll me off like a typo; And life just keeps on hitting me, I swear that I'mma fight though; So hit me with your best shot, stari...

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6. Repairable

I'm not so broken, repairable; Yeah I've got my flaws too exposable; I know you're thinking skeptical; But I promise I'm not like the rest here; Well as good as it were; I'll be the last one on that p...

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7. Ruiner

It's the young Edgar Allan spitting live from the basement; Do it for the love, give a fuck about the payment; If I'm being honest, I don't know what I'm chasing; Need a space to place my thoughts; an...

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8. Sinker

But it's not the same; You can call back; But I don't know what to say; Was it my fault? I guess things fade; So when we part ways; Just remember my face; We try to go back; But it's not the same; You...

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9. Twenty Something

I'm a twenty something; Something's running through my veins; I'm feeling quite alone; Used to say I gave a fuck about a shit; But now that shit; That I dismiss gets in my bones; And you can tell your...

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10. Waster

Watching; Waiting; Distance; Decaying; Growing; Fading; I've been; Breaking; Sleeping; Waking; Dreaming; Wasting; Giving; Taking; Quaking; Shaking; Think I'm gonna break right now; I just need a break...

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