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1. Christ Copyright

Don't form thoughts, trust politicians; Forfeit soul, pursue religion; Lose free will to gain protection; Sink the ship with good intention; ​; See our minds become conditioned; As we swear by these t...

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2. Don't Stop

Like a shotgun in a fist fight; Like a murder in the daylight; I'm the poison in the lead pipes; Open me up and watch the dogs fight; Dogs fight; My angel's in a headlock; I'm dropping bombs from the ...

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3. First Punch

Another day stuck in repeat; Another someone judging me; Another hour I hold it in; Another time I force a grin; Another god who doesn't speak; Another leader that's a thief; Another day without a cho...

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4. God Went North

A hospital bed; A room filled with flowers; Every monitor beep keeps the time; As I count down the hours; The petals they weep; They're uprooted like me; Cut from the cord of their mother; Who created...

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5. Jenny

A little sleep, a little slumber; A little folding of the hands; Left you weak, left you hungry; When there's supply you still demand; ​; You're beginning to drag; the ones you love down; Will this ph...

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6. Pyre

When you opened your eyes on the world; For the first time as a child; How brilliant the colors were; what a jewel the sun was; What marvel the stars; how incredibly alive; The trees were; And to love...

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7. The Matthew Effect

You've been sucking tit; Asleep in your cradle; Given the world; You're still ungrateful; You bitch and whine; You're always entitled; You blame Mommy and Daddy; You think you're Jesus Christ; You've ...

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8. This Is the Time (Ballast)

When did we become these sinking stones? When did we build this broken home? Holding each other like ransom notes; Dropping our hearts to grip our brother's throats; ; You can't see because you don't...

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