Nothing Ever Stays

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1. Another Night Alone

Staring at the photographs; remembering the past; still waiting for you; to call me on the telephone; tell me youll be over soon; instead im here alone; and im hoping youll be back; and i guess you wo...

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2. Black White & Red All Over

I wish you took back what you's in my's all over town in the papers to be, you favorite color...and choice of flower...and the scent hangs heavy of a girl that lost her po...

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3. Difficult

The closer i get to you we colide. holding on for dear life, holding on tonight, i watch you walk away into the city lights. i failed to try. i kept it all inside. what kept me from going after you th...

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4. Messed Up

Wating for the right time; Waiting for the right time to tell you everything, everything that i've been hiding from you all this time; I've been holding it inside; I know it's not too late to tell you...

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5. The Burn

I can read your every move. Your emotions tend to stray towards the fear of letting go, Your actions in dismay. You said your over this. I guess you just don't quit. You can not feel the burn. ; We're...

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6. These Strings Will Tell

Thinking of the ones we've left at home...discovering new meaning through a this white wash look takes over my face...there's not a metaphor to describe this place. The first time, she care...

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7. We Said Goodbye

Waiting for your call, it's past midnight. the blankets cold on your side. these words i'm writting down are medication now each word heals me. i can't seem to fall asleep without you next to me. we s...

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