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1. Cold As Winter

If I say that I'm surprised; It'd be nothing but a lie; 'Cause it's always been as certain as; the fact that we'll all die; We're crossing every word; of those we had sworn; As if keeping a promise; w...

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2. Decline Day

When I saw the light drowning in the rain; I felt like the sun could share my pain; Inside me a liveliness on fire; was making my heart seem as a liar; Delusions and rain drops grew at the same time; ...

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3. More Than Everything

( we choose this one ); Can you hear me? After this song I want to see everyone here who has a doubt; making a choice while still have one; Today we'll change our courses; No matter for better or wors...

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4. Shadows Of Dispersed Lives

We found you wasted Almost dead; Lying unconscious in a plight too sad; But forget it now Just give yourself some rest; 'Cause this conversation won't be our last; Right after my eyes have opened; Tha...

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5. Star-shaped Heart

( You're here ); but your thoughts are still out of sight; ( You're in fear ); 'Cause you started to realise; ( You're in tears ); while everyone is laughing; You're not here; You shouldn't be here; (...

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