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1. Dissension

Well I want to lie to you; I don't want to be your lost and lonely memory; So don't you say goodbye, don't you cry; Tomorrows another day; Somewhere in the back of my mind; I'm looking for the one I t...

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2. Down Through Time

Most will look and only some will find; the meaning of true love; like that in a book; then you'll understand how I; put up wit hall the pain that I took; youve got; the mark of the beast; you'll do i...

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3. Nine Days Wonder

I play as I go, can't give up; A photograph, and wink of luck; A pretty smile, memories; Some things are just to hard to leave; I'm always here; And so I've learned; Time can heal any wound; I found a...

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4. That One Night

What you see through me, well it set you back; Well I told you that I didn't feel the same, no not like that; You knew that I wasn't telling a lie; Then you looked at me with those eyes; I knew I was ...

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5. The Guy Who Lost His Girl

If silence could talk and memories erase; We'd know how they were and why they changed; I held you in a special place inside; now empty space cause we died; When moments are right so much is hard; was...

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6. Through With Heartbreak

One more time, one more light; Another day and lonely night; Same old game with a different face; One more heartache to complain; So please go away, I don't want to see you anyway; We're just a bunch ...

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7. Times Forever Ours

Its over. I never thought you leave; You look so good; By my side the perfect girl for me; But are you gone? And is it really true? Can it be when all that i think about is you? Memories are better ti...

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8. We Live Once

I believe, we only live once; How about yourself? I don't want to think back and wish; I did something else; You're here, I'm here too; Just think of all we could do; I thought of you so much last nig...

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