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1. Don't Give Up

You have lost your only love; Big fun and hard times; You swear with all your friends; All for one; And no one can stop you now; Hottest rock'n'roll in your veins; Rhythm in your heart; You will never...

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2. Flight Of The Intruder

Dark night calm sea; A steel vessel rests silently; In the moonlight stands a figure; Of a youth the fear of danger; It falls down from the sky; See the terror fill his eyes; Spitting fire; Breathing ...

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3. Human Revolution

Can't understand all the people; Can't understand their lives; I call you up; open your eyes and your mind; Your life is not an illusion; Your life is the best you can get; Don't waste time and take t...

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4. Hungry For Love

You are the hunter; And I am the game; Since we met; I'm not the same; A victim a victim; That's the what I've been; Looking to the sky; For answers; Remembering life; In a world so far away; She want...

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5. Into The Madhouse

Some things never change; Passing my mind a hundred times; Can't understand these crazy rules; I really give a damn about them; The business shit never ends; No piece of truth from the beginning; Sadi...

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6. Kiss Of Fire

I hear the warning over the country; The sirens shout it out; I lie in bed there's nobody at home; I wait till the missiles fall down; My friends are out there; They see the light; The neighbor city i...

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7. Princess Of The Kingdom

So bloody young and innocent; All the dreams came true; Had a life in a kingdom with glamour and pomp; Like alice in wonderland; See the tears they fall like rain; Hear heaven's cry, all the memories ...

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8. Ready To Sacrifice

I sit alone, here waiting; Time's been standing still since we were young; You say you want me, you only know my name; The chosen road that I follow; is like I'm walking a broken line; Who needs more ...

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9. Thunderbolt Man

The winding road in a fast lane; 30 years at a stretch; Cracking bones and bursting skulls; You lived your life for rock 'n roll; Thunderbolt man; Step out of your hell; Turn on the engine; There is n...

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