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1. Jane Says Left

Woah-oh there's something different in here; I've told you this before; You can listen if you want, if it's ok; The way I bite my tongue when I have to respond; Shows me this isn't working but I'll ju...

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2. Right Now

Just because you can't see through this; Doesn't mean it's not there; The thing that I done wrong; We just chose to ignore; Just wait and see; (Right now you're running like you've never heard this so...

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3. The Hope Killed The Hype

Now I've done what I said I would, And I'm sorry facts aren't good enough for you, This time I'm trying harder; Believe in hope as hopers believe, I'm spilling empty answers, I tell them through my te...

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4. The Winner

The way you act is clever; It covers up your insecurities; And I can fight for ever; But it just doesn't mean that much to me; I knew back then; How this would end; I knew back then; I'd lose a friend...

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