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1. Black Water River

Black Water River; Today I woke up on the bank of unknown river; It seems I am here alone; My only feeling is my soul that has a fever; Lost my friends at distant home; I ask ravens circling in front ...

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2. Eye Am

Eye Am; Who am I? There is no skin on tree and no woman´s rind; By the ultimate eyewink; There is no creeping route and no primary snake; There are no waving walls and no stony stalks; By the everlast...

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3. Paincoat

People on the road; On undefined date; They look for the high; Perhaps it´s not late; Stopped for a moment... They want to turn it back; Reach the safe place; The smile is crime now; And return´s in a...

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4. She Shines Shy

She Shines Shy; She´s rising every morning; Over blue blue sky; With her red head; Didn´t care about the warnings; She tried to sleep; In his bad bed; Soft but resolute; She stretched to him; Her thin...

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5. The Half-men

The Half-Men; I´ve stood out of living; Cought in silky dreaming; As half-man who´s always waiting; In the twilight for the second being; The breath of wind is soon falling; I see someone´s here crawl...

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6. Unhealable

Unhealable; Disease revealed; I can conceal it no longer; Disease revealed; Diagnosis s plain; Trying to heal; They wait for excellent wonder; Trying to heal; It´s getting worse and worse; I think to ...

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