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1. Feed The Living

The sky was not burnt people were not grey shadows children did laugh people could live people could die whenever they wish whenever they had to however they wish as dusk had just been born time did f...

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2. Lab Of Their Will

Your soul is ready inseminated their thoughts their love their hate broken muppet you must survive gaze inside no more soul desperation altered in high performance machines devastated like an afterwar...

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3. Pull The Pin

Aiming at your vein needs being someone you can't be becoming something you're not catching your feet in your fears trying to spread your broken wings trying to take off contemplating your failure han...

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4. Rude Awakening

Let it bleed cause it shuts the doors; The same doors you thought slammed in your face; Does bleed you've just thrown yourself against; What you did hate them for makes you bleed makes you proud; Warn...

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5. Seeking An Exit

Could I sink deeper in the swamp stench into which I did dive your helped to my loss just let me help myself no more time to lose whith your stupid advices no more blood to spill seeking an exit walki...

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6. Stillborn Prophet

Away from this life back to the swamp trampling the burning ashes of my shattered dreams underfoot may be facing at last with all my certainties which have been burnt on the altar of self confidence t...

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7. Sunset Motel

I am that that unlikeable child definitively unwanted with the round dirty face who before the giant streetlights or under the grand dames also illuminated; I am that repulsive child that improvises a...

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8. What Is Up In Your Cryotube

So what still running in your cage can't keep your ears to those as sad as you live beyond repetition run away or fade away don't you think your world is too small don't you think live before you die ...

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