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1. Constant Contrast

Every morning my self destruction grows; Days and days asleep; To change the script of this show; The constant contrast too deep; Facing the loss from that day, 19 years ago; Small workers inside and ...

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2. Fading Silently

We used to talk so long; About the things to come; Nights flowed into the sea; Smiling and feeling free; Your eyes too deep to lie; To moments passing by; Inviting me near you to see; You started sile...

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3. My Apology

Depending on what I should feel; On the way on the day I decided to leave; Remembering places; Where we walked; Before; Remembering time; When we were in love; Draining moods every day; Waiting for my...

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4. Some Warmth Into This Chill

A cold routine to lie in; A growing apathy killing me; Misunderstanding all the way; As the darkness grew day by day; To dicover the fragility; Unconscious, unconstant gravity; An unmoving, dirty rain...

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5. Tender Claim

Going up this stair; Sounds come out of nowhere; It's your voice speaking low; It's my voice fading slow; I wish to wake up; And still speak your name; Your sad, beautiful eyes; And their tender claim...

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6. Winter Will Come

Dark clouds; Away and over again; Falling leaves; Moved by air; A wind from far suddenly appeared; Sounds from the sky; In my ears; A well known smell all around in the air;

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