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1. Another Day

Another day; That I spent alone with you; And you're teachin' me; Things I never knew; So grab my sails and pull 'em down; Let the currents turn us round; And maybe we can stay; Another day; My horse'...

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2. Eighteen Wheels

Eighteen wheels a spinnin'; The race is on and I'm winnin'; Rumblin' down that road; Haulin' that heavy load; And my eighteen wheels just keep on spinnin'; Round that Frisco bay; Eighteen wheels a spi...

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3. Ghetto Hotel

Ghetto hotel, Two dollars a day; How can you afford two dollars if you haven't got no pay; Ghetto hotel, Watch the old men die; Drinking their white port makes a man want about to cry; Where were thes...

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4. Hangin' Tree

The men, women and children gathered round that hangin' tree; The word was out a young man soon would die; But no one seemed concerned enough to tell his family; Of just exactly where his bones would ...

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5. Nobody Wants Me

The trees were a swayin'; To the songs that she was singin'; Sittin' on the back porch of her country home; Then the moon would start to glowin'; The soft breeze start to blowin'; And she would sing t...

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6. One Kiss To Say Goodbye

Baby says she's gonna leave me; Fills my heart with sorrow; Said she loved me yesterday, but; She'll be gone tomorrow; I don't know; If I can really stand the pain; I'm so used to her bringing me suns...

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7. Rosalie

Rosalie, she's a very fine girl; She's dancin' with me watch her whirl; Rosalie she's a beautiful lady; Ooh ah la la la la la la; I will always remember that day back in September; I met Rosalie out i...

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