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1. 4d

I know what it was like to lose someone who raised you; Did they still love you when they lost their grip in overdose; Facing doors I'd never hold a key to; Searching for gold in a broken home; I know...

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2. All Seeing Eye

Nothing but a memory; It's now not then that I treasure; A glimpse of the past returned to me through; The eyes of the innocent. ; They dont care so why should I ! It when you feel safe that you; Forg...

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3. Animate

The narrow road is all I know; No map to guide us; No compass beside us; The narrow road; The great unknown; The grater sacrifice grants the greatest gift in life; No more assembly lines of aspiration...

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4. Bloodline

I can't escape you; No matter how far I run (can't escape you); I can't erase you; From who I've become (you're a part of me); Memories coursing through my veins; Like the scars in yours, my roots rem...

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5. Details Matter

Tear my throat from my neck; Wouldn't you love a voiceless wreck; Pull me apart like I'm defective; Point out my flaws like you'll be respected; Strike out my name with infinite potential; Speak for m...

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6. Eclipse

Salted streams of dismay; Cascade down my swollen face; I'm not afraid; I'm not afraid; And I can taste your failure; Blame; A loyal dog on a tight lead; Shame; A rabid wolf you can't feed; Pain; Is w...

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7. Enemy of the Night

He was never destined to change, an enemy of the night; Scouring my memories, I've got nothing to hide; Never destined to change or let go of his pride; Driving down a one-way street, I'm just along f...

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8. Freefall

The curtains were always drawn; Splinters of light spilled through the walls; Escape was alone in my sleepcause now I can't feel; I can't feel at all; I can't feel at all; Your embrace in this freefal...

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9. Hollow

I never forgot the time I lost faith in this a lost journey of many years, My heart has been torn in twain but still I stand and here; I shall remain, with a feeble mind and a sea of lies; Dragging me...

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10. Hologram

The earth stood still for a moment; Feasting eyes on the feed that was chosen; Forcing down a pill; Deceptive and bitter; Fear is gripping the trigger; Never struck a chord; When the blood flowed; Fro...

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11. Impulse

So alone in our digital world; The walls are closing in; Shrinking down to the box in the palm of my hand; The shock has settled in; Fibers and wires; Feed me the link that we desire; Every circuit ge...

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12. Intuition

Intuition; Why; Do we subscribe; To a universal thread; That weaves the fabric of our lives; Ask why; Without batting an eye; We're so accepting; Question everything; Question everything you know; Fra...

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13. Keymaker

Our secrets are laid bare before my eyes it's; I and I alone who can grant passage to our most inner circle. Who can judge the weak from the strong? The truth from the falsehood the sacred record; Of ...

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14. Leech

Follow me underwater; until the searchlights leave the shore; Follow me underwater; until we find what we're looking for; Plastic oceans, plastic farms; Cover your footprints like a bandaid on a broke...

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15. Metamorphasis

Ive lived life drained, void of emotions, ive lived life drained, I will never become this again. I will rise over this. smash through obstacles with a heart of gold; And a mind of steel. ; Nothing wi...

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16. Nameless


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17. Node

You can be the change; Pain is the elixir that keeps us entertained; Flowing through a looking glass; Numbing stinging eyes of shame; Absence rinses guilt away; But our conscience is still stained; Yo...

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18. Obelisk

Time in constant motion; Like the shifting desert sands; Slipping through my hands; Chasing down the minutes; That turn into days; Seconds get shorter; As years fall away; Chasing down my dreams; Unde...

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19. Ohm

The earth gets smaller with everything I see; A technicolor picture on a black and white screen; There's a blackout on the ground; But an energy above the trees; Just past the edge of sound; So climb ...

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20. Ra

I am the tear in the gravity; The universal truth is my reality; In a drifting space; Where the dark draws near; I am stronger than fear; Collapse under the horizon; The ruins of a thousand stars; Ill...

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21. Refuge

Waves of poverty, of hope and desperation; Waves of tragedy, of death and desolation; Waves of fugitives forced to flee their broken homes; Hostile humankind can't you see you're fucking blind; Hostil...

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22. Rot

So cold my soul's numb; Like an icy breeze on solstice morning; The worst enemy's one that's homegrown; This is more than just a faceless warning; Don't let the world rot; Don't let the world rot; Han...

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23. Set In Stone

Words from a distant past echo throughout my mind! changing me, destroying me. whispers of the dead pull me under; and they have been doing so for so long, they have been doing so. ; I have come from ...

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24. Sleepless

I can't reach your hand; I can't liberate you; I know you're alive; But in my heart I've said goodbye; So tonight; I'm sleepless; Afraid of what I might become; A curse I've tried to ignore; But still...

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25. Soma

Daydreamer; Rise and shine; Daily deja vu; Yet still surprised; Watch the weary world with greyscale eyes; A millionaire in my mind; With a pocket full of lint; Confined to a puzzle where the pieces d...

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26. Talking Heads

Tip-toe through the ruins of my mind; Desolation in disguise; I've been locked out of my thoughts for a long timethe rusted gates; Deteriorate; Do my insecurities relate? It's like I'm waiting to fall...

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27. The Deadmines

God has left this place a long time ago but I still remain here; Until the bitter end I will never give up this world enthralled; By hatred which swarms and consumes this fragile society; And when you...

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28. Weightless

Weightless my body; Floats in eternity; Weightless beyond the earth's gravity; A euphoric perpetual gaze; I taste the light of days; Beneath a luminescent haze; I cross the convoluted maze; Guided by ...

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