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1. Draw Your Swords

Brothers, this is our time; Into battle, we will ride; Einherjar we shall be; Valhalla, our destiny; Many men will taste our blades; This battle field will be their grave; We send them to the hall of ...

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2. For Glory and Gold

We came sailing to meet unknown land; What we seek, we only demand; For glory and gold we have come; Every man would have to succumb; 'Cross the vast sea our future awaits; Today, christ's church will...

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3. In The Name of Odin

Sailing home on the frozen seas; Our faces numb from the winter breeze; The ship now heavy with silver and gold; Our tale of victory will soon be told; Back home with our family and friends; Though it...

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4. Nine Steps Of Sorrow

Thunder rolls; Across the skies; Mighty thor; Holds his hammer high; As his hammer strikes; Lightning flashes bright; The sky crashes with thunder; Hear its roar tonight; Jörmungand the sea serpent; B...

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5. Set Sails

Warm tears stream down my face; My father sends me on my way; My heart now filled with woe; Against my will, I must go; Many tales I've heard of death; I dread the thought of my last breath; A maiden'...

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