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1. Dutch Radio

Little revolver 'round my head whispering words into your ear again; Carnival vinyl comes from you waving your hands to watch your dreams come true; Leave your dreams alone, you're on your own, over t...

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2. Everyday

Okay, if love is all you gave; Then love is all you'll take from me this final kiss will penetrate; Okay, i'll knock you down today; If you turn your other cheek to me, you'll find a place to radiate;...

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3. Galaxy

Pianos bleed for superstars; While heroes shed their wings and fall; Our days of youth have come and gone; So put your back where your back is strong; The spotlight burns a hole in me; Let me run away...

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4. Last Embrace

I'm torn in two, an ordinary man i count my seconds by the hand; She's torn in two, her sun and moon is levitating out of sight again; Over and over we turn back time, then over and over we save your ...

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5. Stars Of God

Rest your weary head onto mine; You're the only thing that is right before my eyes; I'll take the part of you that's cracked and cold, Broken, tarnished and old, and make it new; If I kiss you just on...

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6. This Wreckage

This wreckage that you believe in me; You could bring it back with a gentle scream; 'cos i love you, and i love you; This record that spins away from me; You could send it back in a daylight dream; Bu...

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7. Waiting

The first time you and I were meant to be; I was standing by your side; You promised me more than you could ever give; Made the two of us collide; I'm waiting for this place to burn down; I'm waiting ...

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8. We're On Fire

Her body moves like a river; But her fingers taste like fire; She holds the hand of the devil and thinks she's free; She knows the hands of the devil; 'Cos she lost her key to heaven; But I found her ...

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