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1. Autoscum

Driving so slow you won't let me pass. Get outta' my way... AND I'LL GET OFF YOUR ASS!!! I tried to go by but you had to speed up, it's your own fault that you got beat up!!! Cruisin' around with noth...

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2. Az Social Club

Side by side we've stuck through thick and thin. Never turned our backs upon our friends. There's been times we've had to hold our ground. I WILL NEVER LET MY BROTHERS DOWN. ONE FOR ALL AND ALL FOR ON...

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3. Fueled By Disappointment

Every morning you put on a smile... Inside you feel all alone. With no support from your so-called friends who come around to get stoned. Been let down so many times, I KNOW YOU FEEL BETRAYED. I'll al...

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4. Interrogation Theory

Always look over your shoulder. This time i'm going for broke. your actions destroyed their family. We'll see who's the butt of the joke. don't you ever put down your guard. i am not that far. i; Nter...

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5. Lack Of Dignity

So you're flat broke the worse is yet to come!!! whoever said that life was fair? you sit on your ass andn hope for the best. don't you see that no one cares? stand on your feet don't cry for help cau...

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6. North Side Kings

I got news for you SO ALL YOU SUCKAS KNOW. WE DON'T TURN THE OTHER CHEEK WE RUN THE FUCKING SHOW... N.S.K.!!! I'm not finished with you. YOU'RE STILL A PUNK!!! I'm not betting on what's right I'm bett...

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7. Revelation 00

AGONIZED!!! The truth has gone astray. The future's looking dimmer everyday. Casualties of greed... FEW ARE LEFT TO FEED. Nothing left for you to but pray. Last chance for redemption. Faith is slowly ...

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8. To Make Matters Worse

Your train of thought makes me wanna' drink... when it rains it pours, just stop talking!!! It's the same old shit... I'VE HEARD IT ALL BEFORE. I'M NOT THE ENEMY!!! I did my best... You're still a fri...

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