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1. 1996

We're buying happiness, Replacing everything in case it breaks, ‘cause if it ain't new, it's in bad taste. ; The jones called. They wanna battle for first place, They're buying happiness and doin' gre...

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2. Are Mine

Fashioned you from nothing with a to do list, The promised land awaits you if you're real good, Take a step back now and check the background, We're not first, not second, nor third. ; Author unknown....

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3. Deliver Me

If there's a wrong way, Then I've been there, With every mistake, Comes some crosshairs, ; Did you lose me? ‘cause I lost myself here, Let me help you out, I'll teach you not to care. ; She's studying...

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4. One Dead Finger Nail

Will they throw stones, Girl's panties, or pennies? I do not know, And I don't care. ; You haven't heard from me, ‘cause I've been very busy, With voodoo dolls, one by one, Tear out the hairs. ; I can...

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