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1. Beneath me and the Nights

We infect our women; We generated a poor fetus; Ready to bring disgrace; We are breedings of chaos; A concealment and deception of the real; We created all the lies; We make them our truths; Judging t...

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2. Inquisitors of Death

I seek for revenge; The inquisitors of death; Claim for resurrection; From what do you run? Religion is a fashion; Salvation is Just a lie; Told by the miserables slums; I came from the other world; S...

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3. Mithra

Darkness, penetrating; The dirty flesh; Ignites your faith; Virgin, pristine; The blasphemy; Conjuring your pain; Blasphemy, heresy; We shall be raised; We shall bne crowned; We shall arise; We shall ...

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4. Open the Gates

You brought me hell; Show me the way; I rang the Bell; To convoque you to play; A dark blue moon, fade with paint; Made by blood and slave's hands; More masoquism, show me your pain; And I'll bring yo...

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5. Serafim

A winged beast awakens; Hauting my dreams; Born from ashes; Perhaps a heresy; Isolated; Serafim, dominus nobis; His nightmares and lies; Weak; Blind; Fool; Cherub, dominus santi; Blood, death, sin; De...

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