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1. Bloodstains

Lady needle are you wasting away; Your life ain't easy no dancing on roses; Kiss of death would it be the last shot; It feels so cold still screaming out for more; Bloodstains on bathroom floor; Whole...

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2. Here I Am

Ashes to ashes; Dust to dust; Lying naked under the neon sky; Concrete jungle stone walls around me; This the place where I belong; This is my dream; This is my life; Open gage unlock the paradise and...

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3. No Tomorrow

Life is too short; That's what I've been told; Out in the cold heading to the end of the time; Years passed me by am I getting too old? Though I won't cry a tear over wasted youth; When my heart stops...

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4. Out In The Cold

Love, hate, agony; Thrown away from society; Pleasure, pain, exctasy; Wind up dead lady misery; Money, fame, luxury; Your life is synthetic reality; Life, death, eternity; Your body will be buried nex...

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5. The Dream

Wasted time years on the road; This is my dream my heaven to fall; I got it all but I want some more; Here I am lost in the cold; Frozen tears in my eyes; Open road to paradise; It took my hand it too...

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