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1. Forcefed

Life has taken me again back to pain; And fallen to its delusions I came to Death; "Bestow upon me; A heart of stone, A soul in dream dead sleep, A frigid flesh"; Through constant anguish; And masochi...

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2. I Love

the bleeding heart that aches in love; the moaning soul enchained by weird thirst; awaiting something from somewhere above; the floods of tears, the mourn of lost; come deify illusion breed; and turni...

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3. Of A Hope

Have returned- another journey has come to an end; No victory and no defeat- i'm there where i would stand; Was it just another useless run from what i've always been? I failed except all those nice t...

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4. Piercing Time

this piercing time! painting monotonous trees; passionate summer is fading to die; leaving behind only vague howling "please..."; calm hatred, calm pain and all soulstorms at once; reign stillness so ...

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5. Vaguest Dreams

It's heartbreaking how dreams die. Dreams don't simply vanish away overnight. They tend to shatter and crumble and break and devastate the soul. They writhe in my dreams at nights, wake me up in tears...

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