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1. As The Tensions Grows

Reading through the pages of the daily news; Seeing the problems caused by the jew; He preaches for peace and wants equality; But this place gets worse, how can this be? Israel makes a pact; With the ...

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2. Back To Valhalla

Back to Valhalla, in the hall of the Gods; With an honorable death this warrior will go; With all of my strength I'll fight for my kin; With all my hate I'll destroy my foe; On the battlefield, my wea...

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3. Born To Hate

A working class man with a gun in my hand; Out on the streets, I'm an angry White man; Pissed at the world and sick of the state; Gotta take action, can't you relate; A future for my children I must s...

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4. Change Of Scenery

Ive reached a point in my life; Where I cant take what I see; Mass confusion on the streets; And my thoughts of being free; As we sit and let it burn; Will you stand, stand by me; For its nobodys faul...

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5. Cold Hard Facts

Its just like you to distort; Everything you hear; Why cant you face the facts; That are so obvious year to year; Take a look out on the streets; Maybe open up your eyes; Or does this make you scared;...

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6. Gun Control

So what has happened to all your rights; Been taken away without a fight; Speak your mind youre locked away; An American citizen without a say; Theyve stolen your guns but you don�t care; You think de...

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7. Ira & The Anc

Day after day I hear it again and again; The torture and death of our own White Men; A group that claims to be a nationalist front; A communist society is what they really want; Assassinate, torture, ...

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8. My Honor, My Pride

As a White man on the street, many thoughts in my mind; Thoughts of my Race, and the answers I seek to find; I am loyal to my people, my Race and family; For I am a skinhead with pride and dignity; I ...

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9. Never Back Down

We've been fighting this corrupt system; For at least a hundred years; If we learn something from it all; One thing is very clear; When backed into a corner you gotta fight; With all your strength and...

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10. Rising Above All

Come and listen let me tell you who we are; A brotherhood of Aryans fighting for a cause; We've taken up the struggle to save our Race; We've taken control of our own fate; On the streets we stand tal...

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11. Skinhead Bootparty

Trash is crowding in our streets; Cities turned to seas of mud; This country needs some cleaning up; And to clean it up it's gonna take some blood; Crime is rampant everywhere; All the niggers rape an...

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12. Strong Survive

Deception is the government's tradition; When the Zionists can propagate their lies; Domination by the massive colored hordes; How will the western world survive; As the jews keep growing stronger as ...

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13. The Truth Will Set You Free

I look at my land; And Im sick of what I see; Niggers running wild; Backed by jewish greed; The melting pot, a theory; Corrupting our land; Devised by the Zionist pigs; To destroy the White Man; The t...

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14. United, White, & Proud

Skins in the midwest shooting it out; Showing all the niggers what its all about; Confederate skins are stabbing their trash; Unite, White, & Proud - ready to bash; United, White, & Proud - Proud to b...

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15. We'll Overcome

Confronted by the invasion of our nation, The White man must shed his blood; Against the aggressors, be they from the east or west; We are alone against this plague; We Fight The System x 4; All toget...

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