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1. Beer, Metal, Trolls and Vomit!

Beer, metal, trolls and... vomit! Mens of night, fear their might; They will feed on your blood; Trolls have come, for your flesh; Thirsty of the night's wine; Beer beer beer beer; Metal trolls and vo...

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2. Before The Light

Here comes the fear of been caught; They come to me after midnight hour! What is the truth behind; that ancient nightmare? They have sadness in their eyes, and shadow deep in their souls! They come fr...

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3. Doomsday

Dark factories lie ahead of us; A dark sun burns! These false prophets never... Told us what it has; Behind this; A dreadful symphony; Behind this; A hollow tree of seed; Behind this; Denying all we n...

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4. Easy Rider

It’s time to take off; And live the life at fastest speed; And feel the fire, live the pain; Sorry pal, but I gotta go! There are times you let go, But there are times you must stand; ground and fight...

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5. Evil Intentions

Twisting minds and souls of people; “Holy preachers”; Victims of own schemes! Envy, lust, geed, gully, not shall rob or kill, Deny this path and you; gonna find the guiding light; Landless lords manip...

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6. Hammer Of Gods

Born in a royal family of gods! A steady warrior, he rides the wind! Crossing the skies, so fast and so high.. So high as the Spirit of war! Thunder and bolts are coming from skies! Striking their hea...

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7. Out Of Control (the Devil's Ballad)

For one more day I stayed alive... Trying to find another way; A path to sanity... Like a shot from a gun I feel! Conformation leads to ecstasy; I couldn’t find another way... A run for guns, agreed! ...

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8. Ov Frost and Ice

Under the northern star, I've found my heart; ice cold wind I breath darkness fulfills my dreams; this region of ice will stand through time; the kingdom of mine is built ov frost and ice; landscapes ...

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9. Raining Fire

Flying to the encounter; Tell me what you feel; Certain death is coming; The end is near! Natural born hunters; Stalking at their prey; Fighting for the freedom; We have no fear! [Bridge:]; We gonna f...

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10. River Of Death

From their hidden iced world... Too many bravemen came! They came to search for wealth and lies... But all that they found was disgrace! Even the strongest fight and fall... Before the powers of death...

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11. The Metal March!

For my country I walk on the rain... Bringing the death and leaving the pain! Riding steel horses and striking at night; Fire and torches, blaze in our heart! (A desperate fight); Arrows crossing high...

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12. Threads Of Fate

[Riders’s Voice:]; We’re gonna play God forever? When we’re gonna learn? To live our lives without regrets, And always be the same! [Bridge:]; On the threads of fate wise men walk... From the threads ...

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