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1. Gestation

Plant a seed, watch it grow; We're going to reap what we sow; Yeah, the Earth she does know; She lets us grow what we grow; Yeah, the days they are long; Make you grow up to be strong; Yeah, my woman ...

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2. Procreation Of The Wicked

You are blind - deny the sun and light; Whose are the objections - from where come the doubts; Evidence of infinity; Procreation of the wicked; Twist of the known; Procreation of the wicked; Serenades...

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3. Starvation

Waste away; Useless being; Your frail life; Stripped of meaning; Reach out - you grasp nothing; Head down - you've been left out; Rotting - you see their faces; Smiling; Forced into hunger and desolat...

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