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1. And I Remember

I close my eyes to pretend I'm alone; Silence is the only thing could take me home; Tears dried, I dug a hole in time; These songs of freedom starts to play; On my mind; Flying back; Years have pass; ...

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2. Better Place

Baby, I know that maybe; You’ll never understand what I need to say; And I know that between you and me; There's more distance then should have; It doesn't matter, Really, it doesn't mean a thing to m...

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3. Slow Song

I want to hold you close; While a slow song surround us; To say I adore you enough; Even to let you go... ; As long this song keeps playing; Everything will be fine; Hearts are beating together; We're...

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4. Storms

My feelings are like storms at open sea; Something intense but no one ever see; And suddenly the wind come and change my plans; Change my plans... ; So many times I tried to; Make my way back to you; ...

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5. Waiting In Line (dream On)

Can you hear it? This is the sound; of the world changing; And we're living this; It's so beautiful; Just being in here; So take your time; 'Cos we're all waiting in line; (Take your time); Dream on, ...

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