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1. Before We Die

I wanna make love to you; I wanna make love to you; Cause a rose is only sweet when it's alive; I wanna do it, do it babe; Before we die; Before we die; Ain't got no time for the hesitation; You sucke...

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2. Blame Me

Wanna hold you in my arms again; Whisper all those things I've never said; Lend you my sweet remedy; Absence so slowly killing me; You kill me; I'm the thing that keeps you up at night; And the reason...

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3. Facing Wrong Direction

Quiet are you; Before the call; Silent as anvils; Before they fall; Blinded by right; Are the sickened with truth; When the ultimate answer; Is just an excuse; If I could say good-bye; Just one more t...

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4. Freshtration

I've been wasted, wasting all of my energy; Stranded, standing and waiting for nothing; You'd think that I would come to my senses; And realize you're not worth your defenses; All the lights in my lif...

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5. Mindfuck

Wake up; It's time to do it again; Let the past be the future; Wake up; It's time to break up again; When the feeling compels you; Untouched; Unloved; Except by the scars upon your face; Wake up; It's...

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6. Mullet Man

She like it long in the back; She like it short on the top and the sides; She like it back in black; She wanna go for a moustache ride; I am your mullet man; Yes I am; Gonna take you for a ride in my ...

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7. No Answer

Unanswered questions rolling round your mind; Find desperation that you lock inside; Falling in hate with the reality; Of what you once thought was your identity; Pain feels so frustrating when you he...

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8. Retox

you want to breathe it in; you want a taste of light; so let it all begin; for just one last time; I know it makes no sense; offering your last defense; nothing kills like abstinence; come on down and...

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9. Someone Like You

It's been some time since you were able; To remember when you had a cure; For getting bored of being unstable; With no one else to victimize; But there's someone; In need of something; That can grant ...

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10. Tomorrow's Song

What you love today; Will be gone tomorrow; What's not dead today; Will be killed tomorrow; Please take me; I'm already gone; To where you want to go; I'm never real; It hurts too much; Too young to d...

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11. Whore

Left behind by a faceless whore; I can't have you so I just want more; of the deceit and the lies; can't disguise I'm reviled; but I keep fucking listening; Don't come to me with problems; when you do...

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