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1. Azania

It's the one place where my soul can fly; I don't have to front; Or tell anyone why; Your beautiful; Your powerful; We could lead the world; But it took me a while to realize; How incredible how past ...

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2. Black Gold (Feat. Young Nations)

We are; Black Gold; In hundreds; We were sold; We filled; Every spot; The journey; We have forgot; Black dough; Profit made; Where soul was; Is a grenade; Earth ties; Disappeared; Identity; Unclear; ;...

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3. Just A Guy

He's just some Brown Sugar; Rollin' by; And baby so what if; He may have caught my eye; He said ?Sexy Lady; Who ya, talkin' to? ? I said ?Hey well maybe; I could talk to you? But he's just a guy; Noth...

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4. Just Dance

Another rough day at work; My boss is stressin' me; I can't be heard; It's got me stressed out; Gotta let my hair down; I think I need a night on the town; ; I'm callin' my girls; Find the right dress...

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5. Silver to Gold

Woke up this morning'; With the feelin'; That I could go and change the world; Walked in the sunshine; With my head high; Thinkin' I was just the luckiest girl; You turn my Silver to Gold; You make ne...

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6. What Love Is

What love is, Oh; What love is, Eh eyi; What love is, hey; What love is; Oh, what love is; ; Is it in his eyes; Is it in his smile; Is it in his laugh; Or the way he cries; No it's in his kiss; Or so ...

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