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1. De/ad/generation Of The Millennium Hysteria

Let me vomit my misanthropy; At the gates of vacancy; Excremental fermentation; In guts of our mind; Choirs of automats; Excreted on the Earth; Synthetic souls; In unificated bodies; Manipulation with...

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2. Infected Bastard Planet

Take a look around you and see; Infected... Bastard... Planet! Reality is what flows around us; Subhuman mass that makes us vomit; Inferior worms who think; They're something better; Cowardly bastards...

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3. Mitgefangen, Mitgehangen (neckbreaking Consequences)

I don't ask you to listen what I say; I have no reason to hope you understand it; I don't give a fuck about teaching you; I have no reason nor to spit to your stupid face; This or that, all is just a ...

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4. Steel Wind Symphony

Waves of anger weep the shore; Grinding your poisoned shield; Streams of atrocious night; Spit through weak pathetic light; Don't look back, stay easy; ‘Till you'll look to the; Iceblue eyes of death;...

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5. Stunning Sweetness Of Revenge

My eyes are turning red; Your sky is coming black; Your life shall drop away; On the salt of your tears; When the sun falls down; For you it's forever; When shadows gorge the land; Look to the last; F...

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