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1. Dazzling Black

I am your darkness; I am your footpath to the bottom; I am your chaos; I am over your future; Attached to rock poured with glitter of the setting sun. You are pondering on the tumult of minds dazed wi...

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2. Flames Of Tomorrow

I no longer exist, when I reborn in flames; I am covered by my own charm of life; With your will, processions of absolute power stand; Your knowledge with no weight unrestrained; When with entire effo...

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3. Four Percent Of Hate

Show me these crowds who personify your sacred thought! Show me that liberation which was supposed to come together with your death! I see black clouds of the ignorance; I touch black flames of fear; ...

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4. My True Home

Through the wasteland; Wickedness and solitude I flee; Through the rotten prophecies I flee; To my murky home I flee; To chilly walls and broken roots; I turn around chasing the illusion; I turn aroun...

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5. Raised Irony

Understanding without care; Paradise for the earthly life; Let's be blessed... ; Oh, we belong to you, Lord; Oh, we are at your command; Oh, insatiable by our death, Oh, insatiable by our incompetence...

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6. The Demons's Breath

In desolate thoughts, yearnings search for the taste of the past. In dark eye sockets and fearing. On serious and intent face as the coffin of the ego. In the split of second, when your nightmares are...

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