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1. Bluff

I still remember the first time; Standing under the spotlight; The world I knew was over; It fell away from me; But I don't really mind; Cause I would rather see it shine; Then turn my back on this li...

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2. Cosmos

The things that you don't want to forgetis just the things; That you need; So you don't have to remember; what you forgot in the distant past; Do you think all of your past is necessary; to your life ...

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3. Innocence

It is five o'clock; The evening - glow tells me; A treasure of our memories; It's become empty somehow; You held out a small hand; Smiling like to you it was so natural; It may have no meaning; But it...

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4. Last Theater

I'm not gonna make it; Is it almost over now? Can't see the way; Run down; I can't understand how this chain reaction; Has brought me to the edge; I'm looking down; One more step would it make me free...

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5. Lily

I find you beautiful than I saw; Kono hana no namae wa nanda kke; This is for you; Watching you sleep; Mitsumete iru; Someone told me it's too late to chase; Taisetsu mo imi wakatta furi; Nowa stop th...

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6. Over You

Oh, I am just a loser who decided to stay; I'm trying to forgive you; I can't believe it's over; You are just a liar who decided to go; you may not forgive me; Can you believe it's over? Really over; ...

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7. Will

Erabi tsudzukete ita hougaku ni; Ano machi wa nai to shitta; Kokoro wa nazeka yorokonde ita; Nige tsudzuketa garu honshin ga; Boku o nomikonde iku; You come back to this place; It's your home; Dareka ...

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