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1. Flag

Spread your wings before it breaks; Spread the word before it's too late; No one cares where we are; The day has come take the promise land; C'mon! Give me a road straight as a line; This life is my o...

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2. Fork In The Road

Before our time; Life; Before our time; Fork in the road; Fork in the road; I'm sure that you know by now; We all fall once in a while; So let every tear dry up; Like the memories that fade away; Like...

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3. Platinum Shoes

The ground is wobbling; I feel the ground on my legs; And I run up the one in my way; There is when all things go wrong; Maybe you escape from this rough; The platinum shoes look good on you; There is...

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4. Reason

That's why I'm the reason; That's why my reason is inside me; That's why your reason is you; This is my way; Show me what you are doing; Realists get in my way; Dreamers never take action and fade; Bo...

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5. Somebody Wants Days You Close

You are on your way of long journey; And there is only dry earth; Days your heart doen't beat; Days you can not reach down; The boy who cries in an oasis; The girl who laughs in desert; Your utopia di...

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