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1. Betrayed

Betrayed; ; I thought that we had everything we needed to succeed; I thought that I found true love in your eyes That night we met; I thought you gave to me every last drop of sense I'd need; I swore ...

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2. Drifting

Drifting; ; Drifting through the corroded wasteland of my mind; Sifting through the perverted thoughts of mine; Hanging on to just one shred of life; Dreaming of the confusions in my heart.

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3. Dying World

Dying World; ; your loved on atrocities of life; your holding over on disease; you don't know what you have done wrong; you don't seem to see through these; clouded visions in your own head; your livi...

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4. Elipsis

Elipsis... ; Cast aside; Wandering confused in this light; Watching you; Sleeping softly; Tears still form in your eyes; Cast down; Shunned by those never speaking words; Just trying to find a way; Lo...

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5. Her Tears

Her Tears; ; All through life she was taught to hide the pain; Daddy used to teach her with the backside of his hand; Now she's with you and it's all just the same; Dying on the inside cause all she f...

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6. Incarnate

Wandering through the desert on seas of broken glass; Mindless self-absorption knowing I am the last; Basking in the cold flames of my eternity; Miring all of my time waiting to be free; Rising up to ...

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7. More Than Once

More Than Once; ; Cast away like broken diseases; Mind out turning from the pain; Nothing here is my desire; I am wanted for the pain; Let me see the contact; Drinking from the vein; Shifting through ...

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8. Presence

Presence; ; I still awaken sometimes; with cold sweat on my brow; I'm so afraid of this life; after you're gone now; I still cry in the darkness; gripped by unbearable pain; I pray that this is not; t...

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9. Sentinel

Sentinel; ; In this darkness where I stand alone; No life, no comforts of home; I don't fear this cos it's my call; My turn to defend the wall; Feel this cold wind as it licks my face; Feel the earth ...

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10. The Loss

The Loss; ; So afraid; So alone; So lost in this world of sin; Did you really have to stop this event? So fearful of the unknown; So unwilling to take the chance; So dreadful of the unknown; This cour...

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11. The Only One

The Only One; ; she just wants to know you're the only one; your measure of life that's living for her; she jus wants to feel your vows; in her heart, in her mind is where they're not; she wants to fe...

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