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1. Cops and Robbers

Oh baby stick em your love or your life; A sweet kiss from poison lips wanted dead or alive; Seemed so clear now a mystery knew it from the start; Revenge is sweet and worth the pain and I'm aiming fo...

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2. Let's Go

Are you ready? Let's go [Ok] Let's go, let's go, [I love it] let's go; No expiration, no, no limitation; No equation to sum it up, sum it up [1, 2, 3]; No how-to instructions, no such thing as re-do b...

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3. Like To Love You

When you look my way I can't help it; My heart stops and I can't breathe; And I know patience is a virtue; But baby when it comes to love; You make it hard for me; When I close my eyes at night; I rea...

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4. Rollercoaster

You're such a tease; You've got me begging on my knees; Like a book you've read my pages; Then put me down; Trashed my name don't like my sound; Guess it's a sign you're so outrageous; Buckle up baby ...

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5. Sunshine

Seven years since you've been gone; Remorseful little voices saying; What's done is done; Midnight chimes and I fight; Back the tears of a bitter goodbye; I know things went wrong; One final choice le...

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6. Wildfire

Hey shut your mouth; Talking like you know my stories; Nope you're so boring; Hey, take your stuff and bounce; Choke on your sick opinions; Cause I'm not listening; Fight like a lion; I'll start a rio...

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