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1. Change

People sometimes feel that their lives aren´t real, it´s a film they´re seeing. Sometimes fantasize of a better life that they could be living. No one lends a hand, it´s all part of a plan that demand...

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2. City Streets

They'll blame you forever; If you step out of line and you do it twice; They'll throw you a thin lie; And tell you how this is the way of life; How long must I wait; Just one of a crowded human race; ...

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3. Fallen Angel

Sometime ago when we started; This relationship, We never had any problems, It was much too good to be true; Then came the day I got tempted by a; Girl with lust in her eyes. A lipstick stain on my co...

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4. Fire To Ice

I was lost until I saw you, girl. Still I feel you're not accessible. Made with diamonds and collectibles. Ice, oh, shower you with admiration. Someday our love; will be a story of everlasting happine...

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5. I Miss You

Neujeun jonyok harureul bonego; Chanbarame changmuneul dadeuni; Adeukhage joyonghan bangeso; Aju; Jageun jomyonghanareul kyonoko; Odukhejin bakkeul baraboni; Mundeung-nomudo seulpojine; Meildeutneun n...

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6. Like A Child

Hey girl, you got me walking in the dark; I've got a feeling that my heart is just your game; 'Cause you and I, we were so happy at the start; But you've been playing much to hard for me to take; (Cho...

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7. Out Of Time

Time (4x); You hold me close but you're so far away; Your lips are warm but all your feelings has strayed; You're holding on to something that left us so long ago; I feel determined to say; You have t...

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8. Silent Morning

I'm on fire; My emotions run so deep; You vowed to love me; Is that a vow you keep; Your smile's so tender; You'll not be sighing a sweet surrender; Your touch is so pleasing; Makes me warm inside; Ma...

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9. The Question

It's been so long; Since I've seen you last; There's so many things I have to ask; Please stop awhile; And let me have some time; So tell me what; Have you've been doing with yourself; I'd like to kno...

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10. To Be With You

You're half a world away; Standing next to me; It seems that every day; I'm loosing you almost invisibly; Though you are near; I can't reach that far; Across to where you are; And so you stay; Just ha...

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11. What I Feel For You

No more lonely night; You're here with me to shine my life; What I feel for you; I can't disguise is in my mind; When you hold me tight; I have to say it feels so right; Treat my love to you; The girl...

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12. Will I Find True Love?

For a fourth time in my life I feel alive, when you hold me tight in the middle of the night. Let I feel within your eyes, it always takes me by surprise, makes me feel so warm inside. ; Bridge; Will ...

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