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1. Behaviours

Don't kill, don't die my friend. Your prison cell is your hell. My heart is true, I never, you never. My life is so close to your hate. You never were betrayed. I always was betrayed. Remem...

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2. Bloody Hills

Constantly, to be on a war footing and to be at war with someone, must seems to people simply a war. But wich war? The war that people realized is a war, because I don't know if people can understand ...

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3. History Seed

Go! In this time of wars, revolts and counterevolution. When the world is hot, we feel the end of a period of exploitation. ; It's the time to scream, It's the time to shoot, It's the time to call ano...

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4. Jerry Mander

Nobody, nobody, nobody can put him out of game:; an injustice for the whole world...unless... somebody, somebody, somebody, at the risk of loosing his life, can try to scream to him:; Just I will catc...

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5. Last Doctor

Hey man, it's a deal! Look at your "scientific and sanctified"; equilibrium between demand and supply:; no food! Damaged goods in cover-market are unsaleable. Are unsaleable, are disagreable, rotten p...

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6. No Little, No Bible

You and your honesty: I don't care, is not real. Your hypocrisy is your only deal. Crash, you're going to crash: your end now is near. Crate, your life's a crate: I'm free, I will not change; "Rocker,...

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7. Sacristan' Scorn Towards Water

White huge statues, towers on the bather's heads, thermal baths, moonlight. Jokes of torches make the bath a place of pleasure and aggregation. Floods of hot water shine in the open air. ; With the Fa...

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8. Thanathophobia

The rot in the abysmal fire... To go to heaven... Alive and paralized in the our paradise. Paralized with fear, we trust mysticism, mind in agony: deception. We die of fright to fear to die. ; Timeles...

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