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1. Charm

livin large is not enough - you've got your scars you think you're tough and; pull your weapon and let me see how many flowers will rest on thee; think a moment act it now - your best confession screa...

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2. Don't Stay A Stranger

Time's advancing on my side; as an old man i better be blind; cuz kharma's a bitch - i like hard to get; i'm not old though not just yet; When flying cars fly right over head; i won't be amused - bore...

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3. Friends

she's in the backyard picking roses for no one; and i supose it's cuz she knows it's over now; i would like to help but every time i ask what; she just turns her head and cries; her eyes were never go...

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4. Jaw Dropable

hey i'm taking over town - two more to go one down; atomic bombs ain't got nothin on me in a way so to speak; call in the national guard - you're gonna need to play your cards right; if you stand a ch...

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5. Madeline

Madeline, Madeline, as innocent as it sounds; it isn't how i made it out to be; see there's times when we're lead astray; and we cannot remember the way we came; Madeline, Madeline, as horrible as thi...

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6. Party In My Head

Windows down and rollin up to a party in my head; where i'm the coolest guy anyone has ever met; so have a drink grab a bottle can or cup; shortys everywhere for once there is enough; everybody's gett...

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7. The Strongest Man I've Ever Seen

Is this the best the angels have to offer; a second chance is never going to solve her; she did it once and she'll do it again; but that don't matter when you're layin in; a cold bed; Is this a test i...

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8. The Water

take me away - blow me away; it's already been arranged - we can stay here tonight; give me away - call me out; know i wouldn't turn around; without leaving you something to remember; take me to the t...

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